G2 1 Timothy Sullivan

This story about Timothy Sullivan is pivotal in this family history. Timothy was born in Ireland, went to sea at 15, married and raised a family in St Ives Cornwall, and migrated to South Australia in 1859. This story is about Timothy and his immediate family. The stories of bot his forbears and descendants can be found in "Our Family History".

This story covers what has been discovered to date about his birth, life, and what sort of person he was. 

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G2 2 John Phillipps jr and wife Mary Anna Grose (nee Wearne)

This article is about John Phillipps, son of John Phillipps and wife Maria (nee Rundle), who was born in Cornwall , married Maria Anna Grose Wearne, and migrated to South Australia with his young family in 1854. The John Phillipps family is closely connected to the Timothy Sullivan family, as both John and Timothy's wives were sisters, and two of Timothy's sons maried two of John's daughters, their cousins

The article is largely based on a personal letter from John Phillipps written in Ballarat to his son Arthur Edwin Phillipps towards the end of John's life

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