G3 6 Hannah Maria Sullivan (nee Phillipps)

This article is about Hannah Maria Phillipps, born in Kooringa South Australia in 1855 to parents John Phillipps and wife Mary Anna Grose (nee Wearne).

She married her cousin Samuel Grose Sullivan in 1878, and information on her married life can be found in the article on Samuel Grose Sullivan.

This article looks mainly at the remainder of her life as Samuel's widow.


Husband Samuel Grose Sullivan died at home at Wattle St on 01-03-1912. His death from pernicious anaemia would not have been unexpected. (3)

His Teachers Record (5) shows he took sick leave for two months in mid 1911, so he must have anticipated his death once a diagnosis was made. Several of the newspaper notices regarding his death noted “he had been in indifferent health for some time.”

In his will dated about 12 months before his death he left his entire estate to his wife Hannah Maria. (14) Also prior to his death, Samuel transferred ownership of Wattle St to his wife Hannah Maria. 

HMSatEdillilieIn 1915 Hannah now aged 60 either rented or leased the home at Wattle St, and abandoning the comfort and gentility of life in Adelaide followed sons Ernest and Jack, and daughter Elsie, to join the pioneers on the farm at Edillilie on the Eyre Peninsula. The 1916 and 1917 Electoral Rolls show all four at Edillilie, although John Rundle had enlisted on 26/10/1916. His enlistment form designated his mother, Hannah Maria Sullivan, of Edillilie, Flinders, near Port Lincoln, as next of kin.

With war, drought, toil and hardship, the struggling Edillilie venture eventually  failed. The two women returned to Adelaide, where Hannah Maria sold the Wattle St property in 1919, and then moved into 17 Ruby St Prospect, only a short walk to 37 Flora St (the next street) to where Eric Wilfred Sullivan and wife Adeline had moved after leaving Cowell.

Hannah at Edillilie
Photo courtesy of R Sullivan

 In 1925 Ruby St was renamed Wilcox St and the 1926 Electora Roll shows Hannah and Elsie still there. On 27/08/1926 Hannah purchased 103 Gage St Firle from John Rundle Sullivan and Clyda Gladys Sullivan where she and daughter Elsie lived out the remainder of their lives.

Hannah, Jack and possibly Margaret Sullivan                      Hannah with Wilf Sullivan and family                                               Hannah,elderly
Photos courtesy of R Sullivan

Elsie died in 1942, by when Hannah in her mid eighties had declined rapidly, apparently being neither able to hear or see. Her niece Gertrude Ida Painter (nee Sullivan) and son Rowland Painter moved into the house to care for Hannah during a final few years.

Hannah Maria Sullivan age 88 died on 05/02/1944 at Gage St South Payneham. She was aged 21 when married and has issue of 4 males living, 1 male and 2 females deceased. Cause of death was senility and acute enteritis. Knabe was undertaker, and Hannah was also buried in the family plot at Glen Osmond.

The property transferred back to John Rundle and Clyda on 29/06/1944 through her will.