This "Latest News" area aims to update descendants, family members and website users of content updates, family events and other family news information.

Content Updates

This website went on line on 1st May 2015. There is still content to be included and this will progress over the next few months. In some family branches only limited research material has been collected so far, and so if you feel your relative(s) are not represented or under represented please contact us with more information and we'd be delighted to add it.

All articles for descendants down to G6, Timothy's great great grandchildren, are now loaded. Also the Family Tree and Alphabetical List of Descendants are consistent with the articles. We need more help to provide more content for many of the G6 descendants.

Family Events

Timothy Sullivan died and was buried in Moonta, South Australia, in 1887. His grave is unmarked. A group of G6 descendants has decided as a mark of gratitude and respect that our great great grandfather Timothy should be honoured with a headstone on his resting place. The estimated cost is around $1000. As of the start of November 2017 over half this sum has already been raised. If you are one of Timothy's descendants and you feel you'd like to contribute, please contact us.