G1 John Phillips snr and wife Maria (nee Rundle)

This article is about John Phillipps, father of the John Phillipps who migrated to Australia with his family in 1854, and the link to migrant son John Phillipps' article is here.

This article is largely based on a personal letter from John Phillipps the son written in Ballarat to his son Arthur Edwin Phillipps towards the end of John's life.

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John Phillipps was baptised on 15/10 1786 at St Mabyn Parish Church

His parents were William and Ann Phillipps (nee Hodge) of the parish of St Mabyn Cornwall.

William Phillipps had married Ann Hodge in the parish of Parranzabuloe on Christmas day 1877.

John appears to be the first born, with brothers Robert and William, and sisters Elizabeth and Phillippa.

John Phillipps maried Maria Rundle in St Clements Church Truro on 02/02/1820.

Maria Rundle was born on 17-02-1786 in St Johns Newfoundland to parents William Rundle and Elizabeth Rundle (nee May). William was a carpenter who took his family to Newfoundland and then after a few years returned to Bristol. He subsequently left on another trip and was never heard of again. Elizabeth and the family returned to her relatives in Camelford Cornwall where she died at the age of 98.

William Rundle had inherited substantial property in Cornwall but since his whereabouts were unknown his tenants continued to occupy the properties. According to Law at the time once there had been no legal claim on the property after 33 years and 4 months, ownership of the property passed to the tenants. One property was a farm named "Trevilley" near the church town of St Teath, about 3 miles from Camelford and the same distance from Tintagel, and very close to the Delabole slate quarry. The second property was "Trevening" in the parish of Michealstow about 4 miles from Camelford. The third estate was called "Newport" but its whereabouts are unknown.

John and Maria's family was as follows:

  • Henry (24/07/1820) at St Clements Church Town near Truro Cornwall, who eventually died on 24/11/1843 in Hong Kong China.
  • Ann (04/05/1822), who died when about 2 years old.
  • Elizabeth born 01/01/1824,  and who died in New Zealand aged about 66.
  • Mary Ann born 04/03/1826. See link here.
  • And John, baptised on 30/06/1828 at St Clements Church Town near Truro Cornwall.

John Phillipps died age 51 at No 1 Prospect Place Truro on 15/03/1835, and was buried in St Clements New Burying Ground. Wife Maria also died in Truro either in 1840 or 1841.

John Phillipps junior married Mary Hannah (Anna /Ann) Grose Wearne on 26/12/1849 in the Parish Church of St Ives Cornwall, repeating the tradition of his grandparents' Christmas marriage.