G5 03 Edna Mary Metzke (nee Sullivan)

Edna Mary Sullivan was the first child of Arthur Herbert Sullivan and his wife Mary Ellen Sullivan nee Alexander, and was born in Sheparton in 1909. She was a great grandchild of Timothy Sullivan, and a grand-daughter of John Sullivan.


G5    TS/JS/AHS EDNA MARY METZKE (nee SULLIVAN) (1909 - 1974).

Edna was born in Shepparton on 14/12/1909 (V6308) as the first child of Arthur Herbert Sullivan and his wife Mary Ellen (nee Alexander). 

Edna grew up within the Sulivan community based in Dunbulbulane in Victoria. In her early teenage years she moved with her family to farm in the Lake Cargelligo region of NSW.

Edna Mary Sullivan married Charles Alfred Metzke in April 1941in Karrarmomus North in Victoria. Edna Mary Sullivan and Charles Alfred Metzke were second cousins. Edna's Mother Mary Ellen was the daughter of Henry Johnson Younger Alexander and Mary Ann Towns. Charles Mother was Agnes May Alexander, daughter of William Louttit Alexander and Susan Towns. Thus two brothers married two sisters and the result is above. Edna had worked as a professional cook in Sydney prior to the marriage.

Edna and Charlie lived in Karramomus for about four years after the marriage. Charlie worked as a chaff cutter around northern Victoria during this period. However, once Edna's parents moved to Gosford in 1943, Edna wanted to be closer to her parents. So the Metzkes moved to Gosford in about 1946-1947.

Another reason for them all moving to Gosford is that Albert Sullivan, Edna's brother, had married a Gosford girl. Albert Sullivan and Charlie Metzke established a building company, in which they employed many of their family, including Les Browne (Jessie's husband) and their son Colin, John Henry Sullivan, Scott Dill (Anne's husband), and at one time Brian Sullivan from the Samuel Grose Sullivan branch.

Edna and Charlie had four children who reached adulthood:

  • Kerry Charles Metzke born in Shepparton in 1943;
  • Janelle Kay Metzke born in Gosford in 1947
  • Cheryl Maree Metzkealso born in Gosford in 1951
  • Bryce Arthur Metzke born in Gosford in 1953

Edna loved gardenng, and she also bred chickens and turkeys. She earned money for the household by selling eggs to neighbours, and she sold live and dressed turkeys at Christmas.

Sadly Charlie and daughter Janelle were killed in a motor accident in September 1968

Two years later Edna became ill with bowell cancer and died in October 1974