Our Sullivan DNA

DNA testing and matching can provide insights into both unknown relations and ancestral history.

This article is likely to be revised as more information becomes available.

If the Jeremiah Sullivan identified in the researches conducted so far is our actual ancestor rather than most likely, the Tithe Applotments record indicates that Jeremiah had brothers, and so there may be as yet unknown but traceable branches of the family starting from that point. Also, we do not know if Timothy Sullivan had siblings. If Timothy had one or more brothers, again there may be traceable family branches starting at that point

Richard Sullivan, great great grandson of Timothy, has undergone Y Chromosome DNA testing, at the 67 markers level. To date no matches with the surname Sullivan (indicating a common ancestor) have yet been identified.

Also Richard Sullivan’s data has been included in a case study of Souther Irish, many of whom are Sullivans, to see if a common ancestor existed and when. Combining this with known Sullivan clan history may point to a known clan member back many centuries.