1872TimothySullivanWelcome to the family history website of Timothy Sullivan and his Australian descendants.  Timothy Sullivan: 

  • Was born in Baltimore, Ireland. in 1815.
  • Went to sea at the age of 15 in 1830.
  • Married a Cornish girl in St Ives Cornwall in 1841.
  • Migrated with his family to South Australia in 1859. 
  • Died and was buried in Moonta, South Australia, in 1887.

The website will eventually contain articles about Timothy and the many descendants identified so far. Plus, there will be articles about the history of the Sullivan clan, and articles about particular features of our Sullivan family, like service in the two World Wars.

There are still mysteries to uncover, missing years and missing persons to be found, and stories to be told. So we look forward to more contributions from descendants and others to help complete this family history.

Please check the "Latest News" section below for updates.

We hope you enjoy the story!

Photo courtesy of Mrs C Griffin

This history has been published in a web-based format to enourage further contributions from other descendants to add to those provided by the family history's researchers so far over the last 35 years or so. By publishing our research progressively over time in a web-based format we hope to encourage other descendants or interested persons to contribute and correct. If you have information you think may be relevant and verifiable please contact us or see the article on contacting us for more detail on how to improve this history.

The family history attempts to cover six generations. For clarity we have adopted the following naming convention:

G1    Generation 1, the parents of those who migrated to Australia;
G2    Generation 2, those who migrated to Australia, including Timothy Sullivan;
G3    Generation 3, the children of those who migrated to Australia;
G4    Generation 4, the grandchildren of those who migrated, the first fully Australian generation;
G5    Generation 5, the second Australian generation, the great grandchildren;
G6    Generation 6, the third Australian generation;

Furthermore, in introducing any article relating to a descendant, the lineage will be shown using a name code consisting of the initials of the ancestor name at death starting from Timothy Sullivan (TS). For example;

Richard Sullivan would be G6 TS/SGS/EWS/PGS/ Richard Sullivan;

Meaning Richard Sullivan is in Generation 6 and his lineage is father Phillip Grose Sullivan (PGS), grandfather Eric Wilfred Sullivan (EWS), great grandfather Samuel Grose Sullivan (SGS) , and great great grandfather Timothy Sullivan (TS)

A few members of G5 are still living, and most of G6 are still with us as far as we know. This history does not extend beyond G6 in any great detail at this time out of respect for the privacy of those still living.