G6 18 Karyl-Ann Walker (nee Dill)

Karyl-Ann Dill is a great great grand daughter of Timothy Sullivan through her mother Ann Margaret Dill (nee Sullivan), grandfather Arthur Herbert Sullivan, and great grand father John Sullivan.

G6     TS/JS/AHS/AMD/ KARYL- ANN WALKER (nee DILL) ( 1946 -    ) 

Karyl-Ann is the first child of Scott James Dill and mother Ann Margaret (nee Sullivan). She was born in Sydney NSW in September 1946, and in time with a younger sister Sunnie. Her mother, Ann Margaret (nee Sullivan), and father, Scott James Dill, moved to Gosford on the NSW Central Coast to start a new life after the war (see also G5 TS/JS/AHS/ Ann Sullivan).

They lived with Ann's sister, Jean and husband, Harold Hextall for a short time whilst their house was being built at East Gosford. Scott had taken a new job as a house painter/decorator with his Metzke/Sullivan brothers-in-law who had formed a building contractor's firm. Not long after Ann and Scott moved into their new home a second daughter, Sunnie, was born at Gosford on 17/12/1950 and the family was complete.

Growing up as a baby boomer in the 1950's and 60's, Karyl-Ann had an interesting childhood. As with most county towns of those days there was no hot water, sewerage, refrigerators or supermarkets and not too many cars either. Water was heated by kerosene or chip heaters, food chilled (but not frozen) in ice chests and the toilet man came twice a week to replace the pans. The milk man came daily (to deliver milk into a billy can left on the gate post), as did the baker (who delivered the loaf of white, unsliced bread into the servery box on the verandah). The ice man came once a week and brought a very big block of ice which he carried with huge tongs and placed straight into the ice chest. Groceries and meat were bought twice a week at the grocery shops in Gosford, a bus trip away, and brought home by in a shopping basket and string bags or if necessary were home delivered. There was no family car for a number of years and Karyl-Ann was transported to Brownies and dancing on the back of her father's motor bike which was quite exciting to her (of course there were no helmets in those days either).

Before Television arrived (and after for some) the local picture theatre in Gosford was the place for kids to be on Saturdays. Karyl-Ann and Sunnie would catch the bus into Gosford and for 2/6 each (25c) would receive a viewing of the world news, a Disney cartoon and a black and white movie in the first half of the entertainment. Then would come a lengthy interval when they spent their remaining 6p (5c) on chips or lollies. This was followed by second half viewing of an episode of Enid Blyton's "The Famous Five" or similar and then the main feature which was quite often a blockbuster of the day in colour. This weekly outing took up most of the day and so they were sent off with a packed lunch which was consumed during the pictures. The "pictures" were a great social event at which the younger kids caught up with friends and relatives. The pictures were repeated on Saturday evenings and mostly attended by older teenagers and young adults.

Karyl-Ann and Sunnie enjoyed happy childhoods with a talented mother who sewed lovely dresses and, later on, stylish designs for her teenage daughters. Trips to Sydney on the steam train to see the latest pantomimes, preceded by lunch at Coles Cafeteria, had them decked out in their best clothes. There were also many camping holidays, carefully planned by their father all over NSW and Qld, when things did not always go to plan and many an adventure was had.

After schooling at Gosford Primary and High Schools followed by a year's Secretarial Course at Gosford Technical College, Karyl-Ann joined the CBC (Commercial Banking Co of Sydey)at Woy Woy branch in 1963. It was here three years later she met her future husband, David Ian Walker, who was born (20/02/1948) at Berry on the NSW South Coast. David came from a dairy farming family but did not wish to join his father working on the farm and so had joined the CBC. After a three year, long distance courtship, during which time David worked at numerous CBC branches including Wellington and those required by the NSW Relieving Staff, they married on 22/02/1969. They then lived and worked at various CBC locations in NSW including Sydney, Gosford, Grenfell (where their son, Luke, was born on 10/02/1973 at Cowra), Batemans Bay (their daughter, Nadene, was born whilst there on 26/11/1975 At Moruya), Riverstone and Penrith.

Karyl-Ann left the bank in 1972 to commence a family and David left in 1987 to pursue a different career and to obtain his Business degree followed by his Masters. When her children had both started school Karyl-Ann commenced working for the NSW Department of Education as a School Administration Manager at various Sydney schools located at Cambridge Gardens (Penrith), South Penrith and Bidwill (Mt Druitt). During this period she studied part time and obtained a Bachelor of Social Science Degree. In 1998 she and David decided to relocate back to the NSW Central Coast to be near Karyl-Ann's frail, aging parents. She then obtained the position of School Admin Manager at Gosford Public School where she had been a pupil many years before. Karyl-Ann retired from the Dept of Education after 27 years in 2011, the last eight years being spent at Avoca Beach Public School.