G5 14 John Aubrey Salter

John Aubrey Salter was a Queensland great grandson of Timothy Sullivan through his grandfather John Sullivan and his mother Clarice Salter (nee Sullivan).

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G5     TS/JS/CS/ JOHN AUBREY SALTER (1912 - 1998) 

John Aubrey Salter ("Aub") was the second child and first son born to Francis James Salter and wife Clarice (nee Sullivan). His birth certificate states he was born in Black Forest (near Macedon) on 21/05/1912 (V8983), (although at enlistment he claims to have been born at Beech Forest).

Again, very little is known of his childhood and teenage years, although he did have some early schooling at Dunbulbalane.

His first appearance on the Electoral Roll was at Undulla in 1937 aged 25, and then in 1943 aged 31. By 1949 "Aub" had relocated to “Kooringa” MS687 Dalby, about 100kms north west of Toowoomba. He is shown at "Kooringa" on the Electoarl Rolls from1954 through to 1995.

"Aub" enlisted in the Army in 1942, and served in the Volunteer Defence Corps as a private. He was discharged in late 1945. "Aub" had lost an eye whilst straining wire for a fence, but nevertheless was a champion shot.

John Aubrey Salter married Mary (Molly) Green on 03/01/1938 (000401). They had three daughters who reached adulthood:

  • Anne Salter, born in ?
  • Florence Salter, born in ?
  • Alice Salter, born in ?

Aub was a larger than life outback character. He was a buckjump rider at rodeos and in later life regularly went to rodeos to watch. He always attended the Warwick rodeo.

He was skilled in leather work  and plaiting. He made his own saddle and a variety of whips. He was a crack shot and regularly won the cock badge at his local shoot for the highest scorer. He went many times to The Queens Shoot.

Mary Salter died on 21/07/1988 aged 82 and was buried at the Myall Remembrance Park in Dalby.  John Aubrey stayed on at Kooringa until 1998 when he died, and was also buried in Myall Park.