G4 5 Clarice Salter (nee Sullivan)

This article is about Clarice Sullivan, Timothy Sullivan's gradaughter through his first son John, who married Francis Salter in 1903. Clarice pioneered Timothy's Queensland descendants.

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G4     TS/JS/ CLARICE SALTER (nee SULLIVAN) (1883 - 1954)

Clarice Sullivan was born in Ballarat in 1883, the fifth child and second daughter of John Sullivan and his wife Mary (nee Phillipps).

There is no information about her schooldays or early life.

In 1905 Clarice Sullivan aged 22 married Francis James Salter in Ballarat. Francis, born in 1880, would have been about 25.

The Salters

The Salters were another of the farming families in the Dunbulbalane area, farming just a little south at Marungi. Mark Salter and his wife Catherine (nee Sellwood) had a large family including sons Francis, William, Ernest and Albert, and daughters  Florence, Clara Mabel, Ellen and Mary Jane. 

The Electoral Rolls showed Francis James Salter at Beech Forest on the Otway Penisula in 1903, with Arthur Herbert Sullivan working with him. He had taken up land at Weeaproinha (on the road between Lavers Hill and Gellibrand) in 1902. It seems he was involved in dairying, as newspaper reports have him being elected as a director of the Beech Forest Dairying Co. in 1904.  

The 1909 Electoral roll shows the Salter family had relocated from Marungi to Melbourne shortly after mother Catherine's death in 1908. Now living at 38 Wellington Rd, Flemington, were father Mark, daughters Clara Mabel and Mary Jane, and Francis James presumably with new wife Clarice and baby daughter. 

Family history is that Francis, with 10 pounds in his pocket, rode a bicycle from Melbourne to Tara in central Queensland and selected land for himself and his brothers . He returned to somewhere in Northern NSW with 5 pounds in his pocket and caught a train home to Melbourne from there.

Francis James Salter and wife Clarice had four children:

Their first child daughter Elsie Catherine Salter was born in Dunbulbalane in 1909 (V26767).

Their second child and first son John Aubrey Salter  was born in Black Forest (near Macedon) on 21/05/1912 (V8983), (although on his enlistment for WW2 service he claimed to have been born at Beech Forest).

 A second son Edgar Albert Salter was born in Flemington on 9/6/1916 (V20679).

Their fourth child and second daughter Margaret Salter was born in 19?? 

The older children attended school at Dunbulbulane for a few years.

UNDULLAFollowing Francis' epic bike ride, around 1913 Francis, wife Clarice and the the two young children had relocated from Melbourne to Horse Creek, Miles, Maranoa in Queensland.

Horse Creek is on the Meandarra to Condamine Rd, about 7km south of Undulla and 7 km north of Brigalow Creek. 

In 1916 Clarice had returned to Melbourne and the SAlter family at Flemington for the birth of her third child. Possibly Clarice may have thought conditions in outback Queensland unsafe or at least unsuited for the birth. 

In 1919 Francis James was joined at Brigalow Creek by younger brothers Albert Hartnell Salter and Ernest Mark Salter (Ernest Mark having fought in WW1 and being discharged on 19/6/1918 after being wounded in action)

Then in 1919 Clarice was back at Invergordon, perhaps to catch up with her Sullivan family and her mother whose health must have been declining.

From 1925 to 1936 Clarice was at Undulla while Francis was at Horse Creek. The Undulla station had been pioneered by the McKelvie family.

After about ten years the two younger Salter brothers left Queensland and returned to Marungi as farmers

ClariceandEdgarFrom 1936 through to 1943 Clarice remained at Undulla, with her older children also there, whilst Francis was still enrolled at Horse Creek. It seems likely that Undulla was reasonably civilised, and Horse Creek much rougher, with Francis probably returning to Undulla for part of the week. 

Clarice and son Edgar during the War years.
Photo courtesy Mrs J Gordon

Clarice Salter was a very accomplished painter in oils.

By 1949  Clarice now in her mid sixties had left Undulla for a more setlled life in Toowoomba at 4 Waratah St where she remained until her death in 1955. During this time Francis James appears to have remained at Holcombe.

Francis James remained at Holcombe, Horse Creek until just after 1972. He died in 197?, having been a pioneer of the Tara district, and was shire clerk for many years.